Actress Jang Da Ah shocks netizens with new wave of brand endorsements: “Is Jang Wonyoung the secret?”

Actress Jang Da Ah is creating a buzz in the showbiz world, shining as the talented older sister of top fourth-generation idol Jang Wonyoung.

This exciting revelation has caught a lot of attention, adding to the intrigue surrounding these two siblings.

Jang Da Ah has already scored cool advertising gigs even before officially stepping into the acting scene through a drama. She’s paving her own way in the entertainment realm with her beauty and charm.

She’s already been chosen as the face of three different brands: Suiskin, Acuvue, and Kenneth Lady.

While some people online think Jang Da Ah landed these modeling deals because of her looks, others believe her sister’s popularity played a part too.

Meanwhile, Jang Da Ah is also gearing up for her acting debut in the 2024 TVing original series ‘Pyramid Game.’

Korean netizens shared their thoughts on an online forum:

“She needs more practice with her expressions.”

“Was she famous before this?”

“It’s surprising – they have different styles and don’t look very similar.”

“Her expressions seem a bit awkward.”

“They don’t really look that much alike.”

“Who’s backing her? This is disappointing… Aren’t there more talented people? Geez.”

“She’s new, but already doing so many ads.”

“Her sister’s connections are helping her for sure.”

“Can’t people see? They’re not very similar in looks.”

“She’s not smiling naturally… She’s really pretty, so with practice, she’ll get better… She seems uncomfortable.”

“Her facial expressions are off, but she’s getting these opportunities because of her sister.”


“But remember, she’s still a beginner.”

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