Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Playfully Teases YoonA for Wanting Her to Date 2PM’s Junho in Real Life—And It’s 100% Relatable!

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA and 2PM‘s Junho had fans swooning earlier this year with their captivating performances in the popular K-Drama “King the Land.”

The duo portrayed the characters Cheon Sa Rang and Goo Woon in the series, which told the romantic tale of a hotel heir and an employee who fall in love.

Even off-screen and in interviews, their incredible chemistry didn’t fail to make an impression on netizens, driving them into a frenzy.

And it’s not just the fans who are head over heels for their connection. Girls’ Generation member and actress Sooyoung couldn’t help but share her thoughts about Yoona and Junho‘s pairing.

In a recent interview where she discussed her new show “Not Others” and her relationship with boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho, Sooyoung also gushed about Yoona’s role in “King the Land.

She revealed, “I also watched ‘King the Land‘ and thought the two of them were so cute together,” sending netizens into fangirl mode.

But that’s not all—Sooyoung playfully mentioned that she even teased Yoona about her chemistry with Junho, saying, “I told Yoona, ‘I’d even want to see the two of you dating.'”

Fans couldn’t contain their excitement when they found out that Sooyoung shared their feelings about the incredible bond between Yoona and Junho.

While any dating rumors between the two stars have been denied, fans are crossing their fingers and hoping for more K-Dramas featuring Yoona and Junho. Their chemistry is truly electric and enchanting.



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