“Urban Chic and Graceful Elegance!” TWICE’s Dahyun Elevates Urban Fashion with a Touch of Grace in Harper’s Bazaar

TWICE‘s Dahyun, the beloved member of the chart-topping group, has taken on a fresh and mature persona in an enthralling photoshoot that captures her growth and evolution.

The highly anticipated September issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine has unveiled a stunning collection of images featuring the captivating Dahyun from TWICE.

According to reports, the unveiled photoshoot captures Dahyun in a state of confident self-expression, showcasing her energy and maturity while flawlessly embodying the essence of the photoshoot’s unique concept.

In the captivating visual narrative, Dahyun effortlessly transitions between various styles, underlining her versatile fashion sensibilities.

One ensemble sees her don a cropped quilted bomber alongside a chic knit dress, creating an effortlessly trendy and casual ensemble.

She takes a leap into the realm of modern urban fashion by artfully layering a black cardigan over an MK logo-patterned mini dress, accentuated by a chic chain belt.

Completing this contemporary look, she confidently pairs the ensemble with sleek black heeled boots.

The diversity of her style journey is further showcased as she embraces elegance and sophistication with a leopard-patterned cardigan paired harmoniously with a Mila Medium Messenger Bag adorned with matching strap, emitting an aura of gracefulness.

In other news, TWICE caused quite a stir by making their inaugural appearance on the prestigious US morning show ‘NBC’s TODAY’ back in July.

This landmark appearance marked a significant milestone for the K-pop sensation as they became the first-ever K-pop girl group to grace the stage of the esteemed show, further solidifying their global recognition and influence.

As TWICE‘s Dahyun continues to captivate fans with her evolving charm and the group sets new records on the international stage, this recent photoshoot offers a compelling glimpse into the artist’s journey of self-discovery and creative expression.



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