“Captivating London-Inspired Photoshoot!” ITZY’s Yuna Graces ‘Elle’ Magazine with Godlike Visuals

ITZY‘s Yuna has graced the pages of ‘Elle’ magazine’s September issue with a captivating photoshoot that portrays her as a delightful girl immersed in the essence of London’s charm.

The multi-talented artist adeptly embraced a range of concepts, showcasing her versatility and innate charm.

In a visual narrative that transported readers to a picturesque London setting, Yuna exuded elegance and allure.

The photoshoot not only captured her flawless beauty but also her ability to effortlessly adapt to diverse themes.

Following the captivating visuals, Yuna sat down for an insightful interview. Currently riding the wave of ITZY‘s 7th mini album, released on July 31st, she was asked about her self-belief.

In response, Yuna revealed, “Instead of relying solely on self-belief, I place my trust in the time I’ve invested. Whether it’s my career or my interactions with others, I find myself making pragmatic decisions grounded in the experiences I’ve accumulated.”

During the interview, Yuna also shed light on her remarkable ability to concentrate in the moment. She shared, “I possess strong momentary concentration. I also find joy in engaging my physical capabilities. Whether it’s during exercise or other activities, I simply focus on achieving my objectives. Such moments infuse life with vitality.”

The conversation also unveiled her endearing side as she fondly recalled her elementary school days, particularly her time as the representative of the school’s floorball team. “After a rigorous workout, I relished sitting down with friends and indulging in snacks. We would often order several rounds of pizza,” she reminisced.

When asked about her mindset towards concluding her current endeavors, Yuna expressed her hopes, saying, “I aspire to reach a state of self-contentment.” She went on to share, “While I’m frequently told that I exude positivity and freshness, I personally believe I possess an even greater reservoir of energy beneath the surface. I’m eager to unveil more of this side in the future. I’m confident in this endeavor.”

ITZY, with their vibrant title track ‘CAKE’ and a collection of engaging songs, continues to emanate a wide spectrum of charms.

The group is set to connect with fans through their performances, fostering a strong bond with their dedicated audience.

For those eager to delve deeper into Yuna‘s world, her captivating photoshoot and insightful interview can be enjoyed in ‘Elle’ magazine’s September issue, accessible both through the publication’s official website and various official channels.



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