“It’s painful to watch” ITZY’s Lia Recent Video Has Raised Concern Among Fans

“It looks like such pain…”

Fans are worried about ITZY‘s Lia‘s health after seeing some video clips of her at a fansign.

During the event, Lia can be seen tilting her head and rubbing her neck, which shows that she is uncomfortable.

She can also be seen trying to ease the pain by stretching her arms and fingers.

Even though nothing has been publicly confirmed, some Internet users think that the clips of her neck and arm pain and/or numbness may be signs of a medical problem like a herniated disc.

“She needs the right care”

“Wow, I feel bad for her, because it looks so painful”

“Don’t they care that her body is dead? “Tk tk”

“What is her disc? It must hurt like hell…..”

Even so, at the fansign, she did her best to stay strong for MIDZYs and put on a fun show.

But Lia wasn’t there when ITZY played at the 2023 World Scout Jamboree Concert, so many people think her neck pain could be why she wasn’t there.

People on the Internet hope that she will soon be able to get the rest and care she needs for her condition.

You can see the whole video below.



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