“They deserve the praise!” Netizens Applaud Netflix’s New Korean Drama “Mask Girl” For Its Sapphic Tendencies

These women should have had more.

Mask Girl, a new Korean drama on Netflix, is based on the Naver Webtoon of the same name by Mae Mi and Hee Se. It just came out.

Mask Girl is about Kim Mo Mi, who goes by the name Mask Girl. During the day, she works as an unstable office worker, but at night, she is a successful masked webcam girl.

After something terrible happened, she had facial surgery and moved to try to forget the past.

“Kim Mo-mi (Lee Han-byeol/Go Hyun-jung/Nana), who works in an office and doesn’t like how she looks, becomes a masked internet personality at night, until a series of unexpected, bad things happen in her life.” — Wikipedia

Mo Mi (Nana from After School) worked as a dancer at a bar after she moved. That’s where she met Kim Chun Ae (Han Jae Yi).

They found out they had a lot in common, and some people even thought they were the same person. Both of them were outsiders who got plastic surgery to look better. So, they became best friends and took turns being the center of attention at the bar.

Later, when her ex-K-Pop-idol boyfriend Choi Bu Yong (Lee Jun Young) found out that she had told about his scandal, Mo Mi told Chun Ae to run away. Even though he had been taking advantage of her, he beat her as a punishment.

When he saw Chun Ae getting out, he attacked her again to try to stop her. She was saved by Mo Mi, and the two of them killed him together.

Mo Mi‘s past comes back to haunt her, which is sad. She had already killed men. One is Ju Oh Nam (Ahn Jae Hong), who used to work with her and is now her biggest fan. After he raped her, she stabbed him.

His mother, Kim Kyung Ja (Yeom Hye Ran), went after her to get revenge for him, even though she had changed her name. Kyung Ja caught the friends when they tried to get rid of Bu Yong‘s body.

Both Mo Mi and Chun Ae tried to get out of trouble by saying they were “Mask Girl.” In the end, Kyung Ju chose to kill them both.

Still, they don’t just give up without a fight. Even though Chun Ae tried to save Mo Mi, she ended up dying.

Even though Mo Mi and Chun Ae‘s story ended in tragedy, people liked the way they were together. Even though it never seemed like they were dating, people liked the sapphic vibes.

Fans only wished they could have had more. It was over before it even began. They didn’t deserve to have things end so badly.

But theirs is not the only story in Mask Girl that is a little bit sapphic. Mo Mi told Chun Ae that she was pregnant by Ju Oh Nam before Chun Ae died. She decided to give birth.

Kim Ye Chun (Kim Min Seo) later becomes friends with her daughter, Mi Mo (Shin Ye Seo). People couldn’t help but think that there was more than just friendship between the two, especially when Ye Chun kissed Mi Mo in front of a rainbow pattern. They are so adorable!

Fans of the K-drama Mask Girl loved the two bonds that happened in it. I hope that Ye Chun and Mi Mo have a better relationship than Chun Ae and Mo Mi.

People also said that all of Mask Girl‘s male figures were more than just red flags.

Mask Girl is for girls only.



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