“She’s the dancer, right?” — Actress Lee Han Byul’s body double steals the spotlight on “Mask Girl” for her stunning visuals

Netflix‘s latest hit series, “Mask Girl“, is creating waves.

The show centers around Kim Mo Mi, an insecure office worker who transforms into an anonymous online personality at night. However, unexpected twists lead to dark consequences.

The character Ko Mi, played by three different stars—Lee Han Byul, Nana, and Go Hyun Jung—has garnered attention. The trio wowed everyone at the show’s press conference.

Amid the praise for the actresses’ portrayals, a hidden “4th Mask Girl” emerged from the shadows.

Model Ji Ji An, known for her stunning looks, actually took on the role for dance scenes, even though her face remained masked.

Ji Ji An‘s Instagram gave fans a glimpse of her time on set, complete with the iconic mask. She also shared a photo with Lee Han Byul.

The model became a hot topic after revealing her behind-the-scenes journey. She detailed the challenges of mastering the intricate choreography, including battling COVID and shedding weight due to intense rehearsals.

Ji Ji An admitted, “The dance might seem simple in the show, but performing the full song left me drenched in sweat. I recall struggling for breath and collapsing during practices.”

Although Ji Ji An‘s role might not be in the limelight, her dedication deserves recognition. Let’s hope more viewers appreciate the effort she’s poured into the series.



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