“I considered retiring then” — AKMU’s Suhyun opens up about overcoming slump: new beginnings with brother’s support

In a recent press conference at YG Entertainment on August 21, celebrating AKMU‘s fourth single, “Love Lee,Lee Suhyun reflected on her journey since her confession two years ago.

Back in 2021, on the JTBC show “Long Live Independence,” Suhyun revealed feeling stuck and considering retirement due to a creative slump.

During the interview, Lee Suhyun talked about that challenging time, saying, “I’m still in the process of overcoming it. I’m still making an effort.”

She thanked her brother and fellow AKMU member, Lee Chanhyuk, for his support during this period, mentioning that he encouraged her to find joy in the album promotion process.

Lee Suhyun on Long Live Independence in 2021

Lee Chanhyuk also spoke about his role in Suhyun‘s slump, admitting, “I might have pushed her too hard to melt into the music.”

He expressed a renewed focus on AKMU‘s musical direction, aiming to create music that resonates with the public.

He said, “AKMU will move forward by researching and producing music that the public likes… I want to be able to say from now on, ‘In the future, AKMU will definitely make music that people like.'”

AKMU‘s latest single, “Love Lee,” was released on August 21, marking a fresh start for the duo as they embrace new musical aspirations.



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