Kwon Eun Bi’s “revealing” fashion choice at “Cass Cool Festival” turns heads, drawing mixed reactions from netizens

Kwon Eun Bi‘s recent attire at the “Cass Cool Festival” has caught the attention of netizens, who are discussing whether her outfit was too revealing.

The “Cass Cool Festival” is a popular summer event in Korea, held on August 19 at SeoulLand in Gwacheol.

Kwon Eun Bi, known for her outfits at the Waterbomb Festival concerts, was among the K-pop artists performing at the festival.

During her performance, Kwon Eun Bi showcased her solo tracks and left a strong impression on the audience.

On that day, she wore a blue swimsuit paired with denim shorts while performing on stage. This choice of outfit sparked a debate among netizens, with some feeling that it revealed too much.

On the flip side, there were netizens who defended her, stating that the outfit was suitable for the event and a common style worn by idols during festivals.

Netizens shared their opinions:

“It’s just a typical idol outfit. Some people are overreacting.”

“She’s really beautiful, and I’m a bit jealous. Many idols wear similar outfits; it’s just that she has a great body. The outfit isn’t too much.”

“Other celebrities also wear such outfits, but she stands out because of her amazing body.”

“The outfit is quite revealing, but I wear similar things too.”

“I’m envious of her body.”

“Perhaps she’s becoming bolder after gaining fame at the Waterbomb Festival.”

“I don’t think it’s excessive. Her body makes any summer outfit look that way.”

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