Stray Kids’ Felix Turns Heads at 2024 MET Gala, Trends Among Locals

The 2024 Met Gala has seen a new K-Pop idol capturing the attention of locals — Stray Kids’ Felix!

This year, Stray Kids made history by becoming the first K-Pop group to attend the invite-only event. While all members made a strong impression, non-fans, in particular, couldn’t help but notice Felix.

Those unfamiliar with him began referring to him as “the blonde one” or the “blonde boy,” thanks to his recognizable platinum blonde locks.

They couldn’t help but praise him, describing him as “beautiful,” “handsome,” and “hot.” Each post gained thousands of likes, reflecting the widespread admiration for Felix.

With his striking appearance, Felix was “naturally on theme.” The 2024 MET Gala theme was “Garden of Time,” based on J.G. Ballard’s 1962 short story of the same name.

Netizens commented that Felix looked ethereal, resembling a prince, fairy, or other fantasy book character on the red carpet.

Fans were ecstatic that Felix was gaining the attention of non-fans as well. They noted that he “always captivates everyone around him.”

As the buzz continues, fans are eagerly awaiting more updates from Felix and are sending their love and support to the star.



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