Nana Opens Up About Her Tattoo Removal Decision and How Her Mother Played a Significant Role in Bringing Her “Relief”

Nana surprised everyone last year by showing up at an event with many tattoos on her body.

This was unexpected for her fans because she had quickly gotten a lot of tattoos on her arms and legs.

But then, in June of this year, Nana posted some new pictures where her tattoos seemed to be fading. Fans wondered if she was getting rid of them.

Finally, Nana confirmed that she is indeed removing the tattoos.

Nana was on a TV show called ‘Jo Hyun Ah’s Thursday Night‘ as a special guest. She spent time with her friend, Jo Hyun Ah.

During the show, Jo Hyun Ah talked about Nana removing her tattoos not long after getting them. Jo Hyun Ah said, “You’re causing yourself trouble. Getting tattoos is painful.”

Nana explained that she’s removing the tattoos and talked about why she got them in the first place. She said her mom asked her nicely to remove the tattoos and see her clean skin.

Her mom even allowed her to get the tattoos, so she thought it was okay. She said, “If my mom lets me get them so easily, then it can’t be that hard to get rid of them.

Nana also shared why she decided to get the tattoos. She said it was a tough time for her mentally, and she thought tattoos were the only way to express her emotions.

Some people might think it’s not a good way to deal with emotions, but it was the only way she knew at the time.

She said it wasn’t difficult for her to decide to get the tattoos, and it wasn’t hard to decide to remove them either.

Nana said, “As time went on, I got better and felt more comfortable… and then my mom talked to me.” Jo Hyun Ah summarized Nana’s reasons playfully and said, “So basically, your mom scolded you, and now you’re getting rid of them.Nana laughed and agreed.

After learning about Nana‘s reasons for getting and removing her tattoos, fans left supportive messages:

“Nana’s mom is really nice.”

“I also have tattoos, and I used to get them when I was feeling bad. My mom never said anything about them, but she felt sad because she thought they were hurting me. I never thought about it that way, but she’s right. I used to get tattoos when I was sad. I’m doing better now and haven’t gotten tattoos in a while. I hope Nana is doing well too.”

“I’m glad Nana is feeling better now.”

“I remember Taeyeon saying she gets piercings when she’s stressed… It’s good to see that Nana is doing better.”

“Go Nana!”

“She looked like she was having a tough time.”

“It was surprising how she got so many tattoos all of a sudden.”

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