“I almost not recognize her” — Park Bom’s Latest Instagram Update Have Netizens Scratching Their Heads

On August 14th, Park Bom, who used to be in the group 2NE1 but now sings on her own, shared some new selfies on her Instagram.

In one of the posts, she said, “Hi, it’s Bom,” and then in another post, she wrote, “Bom and the color green.”

In these pictures, Park Bom showed a slightly different way of doing her makeup compared to when she was in 2NE1, especially her bold eyeliner.

However, some people online had trouble recognizing her because of her different makeup.

People said things like:

“I can’t tell who she is in these pictures.”

“If no one had told me that was Park Bom, I wouldn’t have known.”

“Did she use a strong filter on these pictures?”

“Did she change the pictures using Photoshop? She looks like a totally different person.”

“I think she just used a filter. When I saw her perform a few months ago in real life, she looked more like herself.”

“That picture filter doesn’t look good on her.”

“I think it’s because of her eye makeup.”

“The first picture is really hard to recognize. She looks more like herself in the other pictures. Well, at least she seems to be doing fine.”

“She changed her makeup style a lot.”

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