“That’s why he’s very familiar” — LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon’s cousin’s surprising identity stirs shock among netizens

Kim Chaewon of the group LE SSERAFIM has once again highlighted the presence of both beauty and skill within her family, as netizens found themselves captivated by her cousin, a familiar face to many online users.

Recently, LE SSERAFIM held a string of wildly successful concerts in Korea, stunning their audience with their extraordinary performances.

Following these shows, observant netizens came across an attractive young man featured in pictures alongside Kim Chaewon and Kazuha on his Instagram account.

Upon reaching out to him via direct messages, it was revealed that this handsome individual is, in fact, Kim Chaewon‘s cousin. The images showcased his striking appearance alongside the two idols.

The TikTok platform played a role in rapidly propelling Kim Chaewon‘s cousin to online stardom, with netizens fervently discussing his good looks.

By locating him on Instagram, it becomes evident that Kim Inha serves as evidence that the family’s striking visuals are undoubtedly a shared trait.

And if netizens hadn’t already been expressing their admiration, both fans and South Korean media outlets have chimed in, asserting that talent unquestionably flows within the family and that Kim Chaewon‘s cousin might be recognized by online users.

In-depth reports have divulged that Kim Chaewon‘s cousin is none other than Kim Woo Tak, a participant from the inaugural season of the television program “Super Band.”

This musician showcased his proficiency with the classical guitar despite his elimination in the third round of the competition. He has demonstrated his talent both on the show itself and on various social media platforms.

While it may not come as a surprise that Kim Chaewon‘s family is brimming with gifted individuals, the astonishment of fans arose from the immediate recognition of this reality show participant upon viewing the shared photos.

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