“A match made in heaven!” — 2PM’s Junho bids farewell with heartwarming photos of ‘King the Land’ co-star YoonA

2PM‘s Junho has uploaded heartwarming farewell pictures on his Instagram, featuring himself and his ‘King the Land‘ co-star YoonA.

On August 12th, Junho shared the images below along with the caption, “Weekends fit for a king, still hard to move on.”

The series of pictures provides a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes moments of Junho, YoonA, and their fellow co-star Ahn Se Ha while on the set of the show.

JTBC‘s drama ‘King the Land‘ garnered significant popularity due to the strong chemistry between the characters Goo Won and Cheon Sa Rang (played by YoonA) as well as Goo Won (played by Junho), a chemistry so captivating that it even sparked dating speculations.

In other related news, YoonA also recently offered a peek behind the scenes with her own set of pictures featuring the cast of ‘King the Land‘.

Netizens comments included:

“Their on-screen chemistry was truly amazing! 💕”

“I can’t believe ‘King the Land’ has come to an end. These pictures make me nostalgic!”

“Junho and YoonA look so adorable together. I wish we could see more of them in the future!”

“It’s always nice to see the camaraderie among the cast members off-screen. These behind-the-scenes shots are a treat!”

“The dating rumors just go to show how convincing their performances were. They really made their characters come to life!”

“I hope Junho and YoonA collaborate again on another project. They have great chemistry!”

“Thanks for sharing these glimpses from behind the scenes. It’s like getting a peek into their world!”

“I binge-watched ‘King the Land’ and loved every moment of it. Junho and YoonA were a perfect pair!”

“The way Junho and YoonA express their emotions on screen is truly touching. These photos capture their connection beautifully.”

“YoonA’s behind-the-scenes photos must be interesting too. I can’t wait to see them!”

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