“They must be close friends” — Park Bo Gum has the most unexpected “Aegyo” interaction with BTS’ V on Instagram

In a recent event that touched the hearts of millions, BTS’ V managed to melt not only the hearts of his close friend Park Bo Gum but also those of countless fans.

On August 11th, Park Bo Gum took to Instagram Live, engaging in a delightful conversation with his fans and enjoying some quality time with them. Unexpectedly, his dear friend V decided to join the session.

During the live stream, V‘s charming and affectionate comments in the chat section managed to evoke feelings of joy and excitement among thousands of fans.

Among the messages he penned to Park Bo Gum were: “Mr. Bo Gum, you’ve put in a hard day’s work.“, “My Bo Gum,” “Make sure not to tire yourself out today—stay happy, alright?” “Wishing you happiness and good health,” and “Let’s plan to meet up separately sometime.”

As a result of V‘s heartwarming sentiments, fans and online users couldn’t help but express their emotions through the following remarks:

“That’s a lot.”

“He has a warm personality.”

“Isn’t it about time they spent time together in some way?”

“They must have a very strong friendship.”

“This really shows how beautiful their friendship is.”

“It’s so sweet; they give off a lot of love.”

“It’s amazing that they’ve stayed friends for almost ten years.”

“These two are my favorite things ever.”

“V’s warm personality is so sweet.”

“I remember them going together to an amusement park”

“V’s charm is impossible to resist.”

“An appearance on a variety show together would be great.”

“This interaction is very heartening.”

“My biases.”

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