“He hasn’t aged a day” — INFINITE L’s alluring visuals make a mark yet again, showcasing racer-inspired style at recent event

In a showcase of charm and elegance, INFINITE‘s L left attendees at the recent fan gathering awestruck with his impressive appearance and irresistible allure.

The K-pop sensation captivated the crowd while adorning a race car-inspired jacket during the most recent fan meetup, coinciding with INFINITE‘s highly anticipated return with ‘13egin.’

Devoted fans and online users alike were entranced by L‘s magnetism and captivated by his striking appearance.

Many commended L for having retained his youthful looks and well-proportioned physique throughout the years.

Here are some of the reactions from online users:

“His facial features have remained constant.”

“He’s as attractive as ever.”

“These images are making my heart race uncontrollably.”

“How does he manage to stay unchanged?”

“He looks just as youthful as before.”

“The race car jacket is a clever trick.”

“He’s incredibly and unbelievably handsome.”

“I have deep affection for him.”

“How is it even possible for him to appear that striking?”

“Among all idols, his facial features stand out the most.”

“He possesses an extremely captivating aura.”

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