IVE’s Ahn Yu Jin Gains Praise For The Professional Way She Handled A Stage Incident — And For How She Looked Doing It

IVE‘s Ahn Yu Jin received widespread praise for her poise and rapid response when confronted with an unforeseen situation during her stage performance.

On August 7th, the members of IVE graced the 2023 Ulsan Summer Festival at the Ulsan Stadium.

Dressed in casual denim ensembles, the girl group took the stage and delivered a captivating rendition of their chart-topping track “I AM“.

During Ahn Yu Jin‘s powerful high note, an unexpected firecracker detonated in close proximity, releasing smoke directly into her face.

Even though the smoke appeared to have affected Ahn Yu Jin‘s eyes, she persisted and finished her segment with a determined expression. She adeptly concealed any discomfort.

Continuing seamlessly into her next part, Ahn Yu Jin maintained a composed and charismatic demeanor, exhibiting no signs of the recent mishap.

Online users were flooded with admiration for Ahn Yu Jin‘s unwavering professionalism, praising her for enduring the discomfort to ensure a flawless stage performance.

Netizens comments included:

“Ahn Yu Jin’s calmness under pressure is really something to admire!”

“I can’t believe she didn’t let that surprise mess up her performance!”

“Her willingness to keep going shows how much she cares about her work.”

“Ahn Yu Jin is very professional, and it shows here!”

“She did a great job of keeping her cool and keeping the show going!”

“This incident only proves why Ahn Yu Jin’s fans love and support her so much.”

“IVE’s performance was already impressive, but this incident took it to another level!”

“After hearing about how hard they work, I can’t wait for IVE to come back and tour the world.”

“Ahn Yu Jin’s ability to deal with unexpected problems says a lot about who she is as a person.”

“I can’t wait to see IVE play when they go on their world tour. They are amazing!”

Meanwhile, IVE, the group to which Ahn Yu Jin belongs, participated in the “K-pop Super Live” concert at the 2023 World Scout Jamboree on August 11th.

Anticipation is building as IVE gears up for their return in October of this year. The group also has plans for their inaugural world tour, “SHOW WHAT I HAVE,” commencing with a concert in Seoul on the 7th of the same month.



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