“Really? aespa’s Winter?” — Park Myung Soo says these two idols from 4th gen groups are among the prettiest he’s ever seen

According to statements made by Park Myung Soo, Winter from the group aespa and Han Yu Jin from the band ZEROBASEONE have left a lasting impression as the most visually stunning idols he has encountered.

On the 11th of August, the 143rd episode of the show ‘Halmyungsoo‘ was uploaded on the YouTube platform.

During this particular episode, Park Myung Soo took the time to openly respond to inquiries posed by the show’s subscribers.

Among the queries, one stood out: “Who, in your opinion, were the most attractive idols you’ve had the chance to meet in person?

In response, Park Myung Soo shared, “When I think back on the idols I’ve met and consider my own point of view, I have to say that Winter from aespa was the most captivating. When you look at Winter, you might think that people like her are almost unreal in the real world”.

He added, “When it comes to male idols, I have to name ZB1‘s Yu Jin, who was very beautiful. I even joked with my daughter that she should date someone like him. Minseo quickly said that she was a member of the group TXT“.

The relevant portion can be located approximately at the 4:15 timestamp within the provided video.

Netizens comments included:

“It’s interesting to see Park Myung Soo‘s perspective on beauty within the idol industry.”

“I agree with his choice of aespa‘s Winter. Her visuals are truly exceptional!”

“Han Yu Jin’s striking looks definitely make a lasting impression.”

“I can’t help but chuckle at his daughter’s loyalty to TXT!”

“It’s nice to see Park Myung Soo being so candid and honest about his opinions.”

“Visual preferences can be so subjective, but Winter and Yu Jin are undeniably charming.”

“This episode of ‘Halmyungsoo’ must have been quite entertaining with all these insights.”

“I wonder if other people in the industry would share the same views on these idols.”

“Minseo’s dedication to TXT is both cute and amusing!”

“Park Myung Soo’s commentary adds an intriguing layer to the idol admiration.”

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