“She looks taller than she really is!” Lovelyz’s Lee Mijoo attracts notice for her height-enhancing proportions

You could never guess how tall she really is.

Mijoo has always been known for how she looks as a member of Lovelyz. She was one of the only ones in the group who could pull off a sexy idea, thanks to her stage personality and small but curvy body.

She often wears clothes that show off her great body on her personal Instagram. Look at how well she wears a crop top with a halter and pants.

No one can tell her real height because she has such great features.

At first look, you might think she’s at least 170 cm (5 ft 7 in) tall.

When people on the Internet heard how tall she really is, they couldn’t believe it. Mijoo said on a recent live stream that she was only 164cm (5.38ft) tall.

“It seems to be because she has a small face and long legs. She is really a well-known person.”

“Her measurements are crazy. Even if she were 170cm tall, those measurements wouldn’t make sense. But you say she’s only 164cm tall?”

“Her body shape is so gangster.”

“No, let’s agree that she is 170cm tall. It has to be.”

“I thought she was taller than 1m70.”

“I ran into Mijoo on the street, and her face was really very small… And from a quick look, she seems to be tall. If she says that’s what she looks like, it’s probably because her face is small and her arms and legs are long.”

“Is she the same as… It looks like she is tall because she has good proportions and long arms. I am envious.’

“It looks like Mijoo was destined to be famous.”



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