“We couldn’t agree more!” These 5 Idols were mistaken to be the maknae of the group despite being the oldest

If the phrase “maknae (youngest member) on top” sounds familiar, have you ever thought about what it means when the opposite is true?

When fans and the public find out that some K-stars are the oldest members, they are often shocked.

Here are five K-stars who, even though they are the oldest, still have the young energy of a maknae.


This man seems to be getting older instead of younger, but Jin is the oldest person in the group. People often think he is one of the younger ones.

Not just because he looks like a baby, but also because he likes to joke around.

JYJ Jaejoong

If someone told you that Jaejoong is actually 36 years old, would you believe them? People often think he is younger than he is because he looks young and is calm and kind.

g.o.d Park Joon Hyung

Park Joon Hyung is a first-generation star and the group’s oldest member, but you wouldn’t know it from the way he acts around other people. He is calm and easygoing.

TWICE Nayeon

Often times people make the mistake of thinking the leader of the group is the oldest, and while that was the case with many groups in the past, as of recently, that isn’t, and you can tell even within the group TWICE.

Many mistake TWICE Jihyo to be the oldest member, but did you know it’s actually Nayeon?

(G)-IDLE Miyeon

This is another group where the head should be the oldest, but Miyeon is actually the oldest.

People probably thought she was one of the younger ones because she was always making jokes and acting wild.



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