“I’m excited!” A “Hint” About BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Future Solo Activities Is Discovered By Netizens

JNK1 On the way?

Netizens and fans think that Jennie of BLACKPINK just gave them a tip about what she might do musically in the future!

BLACKPINK just marked their seventh anniversary, which is a big deal for any group. Even though fans enjoy the parties, they can’t stop thinking about the group’s contract updates with YG Entertainment.

Even though the members of BLACKPINK have hinted that they might keep going as a group…

YG has kept doing what many people call “media play” with the countdown to the group’s events.

Fans have been looking for signs that a member won’t be re-signing with YG. For example, Jennie‘s recent absence from the group’s website for solo merch sales was a bit strange.

Even with all of this, the group’s future looks good, especially since fans just got a new “hint” about Jennie‘s possible solo work.

Since Jennie‘s solo song, “SOLO,” came out, fans have been waiting for more solo work from the star.

When her “You & Me” solo stage was added to the group’s Born Pink shows, they finally got some new solo work.

The song hasn’t been put out yet, so the only way to hear it is at a live show. On August 9, however, it was found that “You & Me” was listed on the website of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP).

The ASCAP’s website says that their job is to make sure that songwriters get paid fairly when their songs are played in public.

Some people think that the fact that Jennie registered this unreleased song might mean that she will soon put out her first solo record.



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