“RIP Replay Button!” TVXQ!’s Yunho works with Red Velvet on a stunning new TikTok challenge

“He got ALL of Red Velvet in just ONE TikTok.”

It’s not often that famous K-pop groups work together to make something exciting, but when they do, it’s nothing short of magical.

And that’s exactly what K-pop fans saw when Yunho from TVXQ! and Red Velvet did a TikTok challenge together that went viral.

The clip was mostly set to “Vuja De,” Yunho‘s latest solo song, but there was a surprise twist. The dance of Red Velvet‘s famous song “Red Flavor” showed how well the stars worked together.

Fans were, of course, amazed and couldn’t hold back their joy.

Not only did the exciting mix of songs get everyone’s attention, but the images were just as interesting, if not more so.

Irene from Red Velvet was the perfect example of innocence. She shone in every picture. Seulgi wore a throwback style that is sure to be a fashion trend in the next few weeks.

Wendy wore a cool denim outfit that made her look as happy as ever, and Joy showed off her unique and cute style. Yeri didn’t want to be beaten, so she stood out with her unique style that shouts confidence.

The latter refers to TVXQ! and Red Velvet’s new shared production center, which was made possible by SM Entertainment‘s latest plan.

Yunho is also in the news for things other than this TikTok trend. After being away for 2 years and 7 months, the hero has made a long-awaited return.

He showed off Reality Show, his second mini solo record, which came out just two days ago.

Fans are already calling it another gem by the TVXQ! member, which cements his position as a K-Pop mainstay.

Collaborations between big names in K-pop like these show that the business is always changing and that artists are more than willing to try new things.

Fans can be sure of one thing: in the future, there will be more exciting collaborations and groundbreaking material.



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