“OMG, I need air!” (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua makes the Internet go crazy after going viral for her sexy as hell outfit at a recent show

Some Internet users had to look twice before they realized it was Shuhua!

(G)I-DLE‘s Shuhua has broken the internet with her sexy as hell look from a recent show, which went viral.

Netizens have noticed that Shuhua has become more sure of herself as she has grown up and gotten older.

The star has worn sexier clothes and shown off her beauty in every way possible during the group’s most recent comebacks.

Even on Instagram and in photoshoots, Shuhua has started to look older.

Recently, a clip from Shuhua‘s most recent show that is going popular broke the internet. In the video, Shuhua wears a sexy AF outfit of denim shorts, a waistcoat, and a sweater. She looks beautiful.

Shuhua walked across the stage with purpose, but it was her confidence that really stood out.

When the TikTok was shared, over 400,000 people looked at it, and 100,000 people liked it.

In particular, the comments were full of shocked netizens who didn’t even realize it was Shuhua at first, especially since the star was known for being shy and conservative in the past.

Others also said that the star looked healthy and that she was really serving up good looks and attitude.

Not even a week after the TikTok went viral, a popular K-Pop Twitter account shared photos of the same outfit, which also got a lot of attention from fans.

As usual, (G)I-DLE goes viral, and Shuhua has been winning over the hearts of people all over the world with not only her looks and beauty but also her charm and personality.



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