“Have you noticed?” Girls’ Generation YoonA Makes Reference To Her And 2PM Junho’s Fandoms In K-Drama “King The Land”

Did you catch it?

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA (also known as Lim Yoon A or Im Yoon Ah) made a subtle but sweet nod to her and 2PM‘s Junho‘s (also known as Lee Jun Ho) fandoms in their K-drama King the Land.

Fans were looking forward to the idols-turned-actors’ rom-com because they have known each other for over a decade and have worked together before as emcees and on stages.

YoonA and Junho‘s natural chemistry was on full display in King the Land. Even things like their handshake showed how close they really were.

They have worked together for a long time as members of Girls’ Generation and 2PM, so they had a good time on set.

During shooting, they even played “Guess the Song” by singing each other’s songs while gargling water.

But YoonA made a cute mention of both of their fandoms in King the Land.

By the end of the show, YoonA‘s character, Sa Rang, has opened her own small hotel, called “Hotel Amor.” It’s kind of like an Airbnb.

She chose the colors for the two chairs she painted when she was preparing the room. One was yellow and the other was pink.

The main color of the Girls’ Generation fandom SNE (So-One) is Pastel Rose Pink. Metallic Grey is 2PM‘s fandom color for Hottest, but Junho‘s fandom color is yellow.

The Easter egg in King the Land was a pleasant treat for their fans. It shows how much YoonA loves and respects them.



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