“That’s so Hillarious!” “Single’s Inferno 2” star Kim Jin Young shocks “Zombieverse” viewers by revealing a side of himself that they didn’t expect

“Jin Young, what are you up to?”

Kim Jin Young, also known as DEX, blew everyone away when he arrived on the island for Single’s Inferno 2 with his sports skills and cool attitude.

Even his looks and attitude stood out, and people couldn’t help but think of Jungkook from BTS.

Now, Kim Jin Young has again shocked people by showing a side of himself that they hadn’t seen before in Zombieverse.

At one point in the show, Kim Jin Young made people laugh by playing with the zombies. When people saw how the contestants reacted to the funny scene, they laughed a lot. That was just the start.

In another funny scene, Kim Jin Young grabbed a zombie and made him play the harp in his mouth. He made the scary situation of a zombie attack into a funny one.

In Single’s Inferno, Kim Jin Young showed a side of himself that was cool, calm, and controlled. He also has a side that is funny and “not serious.”

Check out the funny times when Kim Jin Young showed a new side of himself.



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