BLACKPINK Jisoo’s infectious charm remains intact despite dating news, fans thrilled to see her again in public

Images and videos of BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and Rosé making their way through Incheon International Airport have ignited a stir across social media.

On August 10th, BLACKPINK members Jisoo and Rosé graced Incheon International Airport as they embarked on a journey to the United States, where they are scheduled to dazzle audiences with a series of encore concert performances.

Notably, this marks the inaugural instance of Jisoo stepping into the limelight since she openly acknowledged her romantic involvement with Ahn Bo Hyun.

During her appearance, the idol radiated a radiant smile as she posed for the cameras.

In a parallel instance, Rosé showcased an elegant presence adorned in a pleated dress paired with a pristine white top.

The songstress behind “Gone” exuded a sophisticated demeanor upon her initial arrival at the airport.

However, the scene took a delightful turn when the artist noticed a camera lens trained on her, prompting her to gracefully remove her sunglasses and unveil her captivating visage.

Netuzens comments included:

“Jisoo’s radiant smile is truly a sight to behold! 😊”

“Rosé’s fashion sense is always on point. Love the pleated dress!”

“The BLACKPINK members are setting new airport fashion goals!”

“Jisoo’s relationship news doesn’t affect her infectious charm!”

“Rosé’s transition from classy to charming is just amazing!”

“Wishing BLACKPINK a fantastic series of concerts in the U.S.!”

“Jisoo and Rosé owning the airport with their confidence and style!”

“The moment Rosé took off her sunglasses was truly captivating!”

“BLACKPINK’s charisma shines even at the airport runway!”

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