Some Fans Allegedly Think EXO Might Disband Next Year, And These Are The Reasons Why

Amid growing suspicions about the potential disbandment of EXO, Korean internet users are expressing their viewpoints.

On August 9th, a discussion titled “Indications of EXO’s Potential Disbandment...” emerged on the Korean online forum Nate Pann, capturing significant attention.

The topic’s initiator specifically mentioned, “Kai is presently serving in the military, Sehun is gearing up for enlistment, Chen’s contract is set to conclude in September, Xiumin in October, and Baekhyun in January of the upcoming year.

To support their claims, they included an image from a recent news piece concerning SM Entertainment, indicating that Baekhyun has plans to establish a personal company, although SM Entertainment denies any knowledge of this endeavor.

The originator of the post lamented, “I never envisioned that EXO’s final moments would end up like this.”

Regarding these uncertainties surrounding EXO‘s future, internet users have displayed a range of reactions.

Below are several comments from netizens:

“People who support Baekhyun keep coming up with weak reasons. When did Baekhyun’s plan to start a private company become public with SM Entertainment? If there is such a story, please link to it here. Based on SM’s latest statement, they have made a new deal with CBX to protect EXO and EXO fans, as well as CBX. They don’t know anything about Baekhyun’s supposed secret business.”

“It looks like you might have missed the stories. The time frame you gave has to do with the end of the current contract. After that, a new contract period will begin. SM didn’t know about a business effort that had to do with a dance company. They were aware of Baekhyun’s private business. I think you should read what’s out there before giving your opinion.”

“No one should mix up Baekhyun’s private business with the dance company. How many times do I have to say this?”

“No, but if it’s Kai, I guess I could see why. And CBX?What are you three doing together? One is a father, and Baekhyun’s role isn’t clear. If you leave EXO, you are nothing! Woke up! You are no longer even young. How do you plan to do all of this?”

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