“They wanted him to leave the group” Some SEVENTEEN Fans Rally in “Truck Protest” Amidst Joshua’s Romantic Involvement Rumors

Tensions are rising within the global fanbase of K-pop sensation SEVENTEEN, as rumors swirl regarding the romantic involvement of member Joshua.

The saga took a public turn on August 10th, when a fervent “truck protest” organized by SEVENTEEN fans unfolded outside the headquarters of entertainment powerhouse HYBE, situated on Hangang Street in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

The truck protest has become a visual symbol of fans’ demand for clarity surrounding Joshua‘s rumored departure.

The catalyst for this uproar is a series of recent suspicions surrounding Joshua‘s romantic life.

Social media platforms, notably Twitter and online communities, have been abuzz with posts claiming that Joshua is romantically linked to influencer A.

These posts have sparked further intrigue by featuring purported evidence such as couple-themed items shared between Joshua and A.

In a particularly controversial twist, allegations have emerged that Joshua publicly expressed affection toward A during a recent concert.

The controversy deepens as netizens have pointed to a string of “lovegram” posts on the personal Instagram accounts of both Joshua and influencer A.

These posts, showcasing their apparent romantic connection, have only added fuel to the raging speculation.

While the fandom is divided, both Joshua and his agency have maintained a resolute silence throughout this unfolding drama.

In a parallel move, influencer A has also chosen not to address the growing storm of conjecture.

The escalating tension has culminated in the fan-orchestrated truck protest, which has captured media attention and dominated social media discussions.

This demonstration marks a plea for transparency and resolution from the beloved idol and his management.

However, within this whirlwind of controversy, a counter-narrative has emerged. Supporters of Joshua argue that he deserves protection from undue scrutiny.

They emphasize that the avalanche of criticism he has faced since the rumors began is unwarranted and unjust.

Some voices also assert that the agency has a responsibility to take a more active role in shielding Joshua from the onslaught of speculation and criticism.

As the SEVENTEEN fandom remains divided and internal conflicts persist, all eyes are now fixed on the forthcoming actions of Joshua and his agency.

In the midst of this turmoil, the global fanbase awaits a decisive statement that could potentially quell the discord and provide much-needed clarity regarding the future of Joshua within the group.



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