“Jennie, perhaps?” — Jang Won Young’s career choices compared to Girls’ Generation’s YoonA spark online debate

An intriguing discussion has emerged, drawing parallels between the career trajectory of IVE‘s Jang Won Young and Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona.

On August 9th, a post titled “Exploring the Similarities Between Jang Won Young and Yoona’s Career Paths” was shared on the Korean forum Nate Pann.

The author of the post speculates about Jang Won Young‘s potential path, envisioning her thriving in the realm of idol group activities as a legendary visual for an extended period.

The author anticipates her eventual transition into acting with an innocent image, possibly earning the title of ‘the nation’s sweetheart’.

Furthermore, the author raises the notion that as Jang Won Young matures, she might emulate Yoona’s involvement in hosting awards ceremonies and dabbling in variety shows.

The post concludes with the author’s candid hope for Jang Won Young‘s success, despite not being a personal fan.

Netizens have offered diverse viewpoints in response to this comparison:

“Ahn Yu Jin seems to be more in line with Yoona’s path, while Jang Won Young is carving her own niche as an advertising model celebrity, akin to Jennie.”

“Jang Won Young possesses undeniable beauty, and while I admire her, I’m uncertain if her facial expressions are suited for the acting world.”

“Given Jang Won Young’s distinct ‘fancy idol’ aura, it’s possible that acting doesn’t align with her strengths. Her vocal qualities might not translate well to acting roles either.”

“Jang Won Young strikes me as intelligent, ensuring her success no matter which direction she pursues.”

“Yoona’s appeal resonated even with mature audiences, leading her towards acting. Jang Won Young boasts stunning looks, but her artistic style sets her apart.”

“Jang Won Young could potentially take a solo route like Lee Hyori, eventually engaging in both solo projects and commercial ventures.”

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