“Some treat her unfairly”— Kwon Eunbi Gets Noticed for Her Appearance After Winning Her “First Solo Music Show”

Recently, K-Pop fans and users have been talking a lot about Kwon Eunbi.

In 2014, the star made her first appearance as part of an eight-person group called Ye-A.

Ye-A broke up quietly, and Kwon Eunbi joined IZONE in 2018 after taking part in the survival show Produce 48 and placing seventh.

After IZONE broke up, she went solo and put out three mini albums, the most current of which was Lethality.

The idol was on the lineup for the Seoul WATERBOMB Festival 2023 earlier this year, where her sexy act and stunning looks went viral.

Her performances at the WATERBOMB Festival in Nagoya and Tokyo brought her even more attention, and fans started calling her the “Queen of WATERBOMB.”

During the time that WATERBOMB was going viral, it was reported that she would come back with her first single album, whose title track would be “The Flash.”

The album and the film that went with it came out on August 2.

Kwon Eunbi has been promoting her comeback by going on music shows once a week. She was nominated for first place before she went on MTV’s The Show on August 8.

Kwon Eunbi got first place in this episode, which was her first solo win. As you might expect, she was very emotional about it.

After the news came out, fans shared their happiness online by congratulating the star.

Every week, The Show puts up pictures of the winners with their prizes, and this week was no different.

Fans, on the other hand, couldn’t help but laugh at Kwon Eunbi‘s strange look.

The star is still crying in the picture, so it looks like it was taken right after she left the stage. Kwon Eunbi looks like she’s about to cry again, and the way she gives the peace sign seems all too real.

Fans couldn’t help but laugh and wonder why the staff couldn’t wait a few seconds before taking the picture.



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