“Love their color!” Fans are happy that “non-whitewashed,” unedited photos of TXT at “2023 Lollapalooza Chicago” have been released

They look beautiful!

Most of the time, K-Pop fans see pictures of artists that have been changed. Instead of changing the artist’s face too much, things like lighting, skin structure and tone, and stray hairs are fixed.

Fans have been hoping for a long time to see more “non-whitewashed” pictures of their favorite stars.

Fans of TXT got what they wanted when Rolling Stone published pictures of the boys at Lollapalooza Chicago in 2023 that had not been edited. The boys were beautiful just the way they were.

Here is Yeonjun on stage looking good.

He did the most amazing thing anyone has ever done. Look at the looks on his face on stage!

Soobin also looked beautiful, though the stage lighting made her look a little more tanned than normal.

Soobin is known for being one of the kindest people in the group, so it doesn’t look like he’s being whitewashed. Instead, it looks like he’s just being lit.

HueningKai‘s yellow-blonde hair made him look great.

He put his all into their show.

As the group’s lead singer, Taehyun was very emotional when he was on stage.

He’s a real pro because of the way he holds your attention on stage.

Lastly, Beomgyu looked like a prince when he was on stage.

We love how long his hair is.

As you can see from the group photo below, the stage lighting did make the overall tone of the photo a little more yellow than normal.

Fans should also be aware that skin color can look very different depending on the camera, lighting, and background.

Here’s a natural-light picture of the boys right before the set that hasn’t been touched up. This possibly comes the closest to their real skin color.

Fans are also happy that they’re accepting the way heroes’ skin looks.

One thing is for sure: whether the photos are changed or not, the boys always look great.



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