Former IZ*ONE Member Kwon Eun Bi Earns a New Nickname From Locals Following Her Viral Waterbomb Performances

Former IZ*ONE member Kwon Eun Bi shared that when she searches for her own name, only the term “Waterbomb” appears.

The popular artist, who recently made a comeback with her new song “The Flash,” appeared as a guest on the YouTube channel “Kiu” in a video titled “Kwon Eun Bi is gaining attention these days…“.

Kwon Eun Bi, often referred to as the “Goddess of Waterbomb,” has garnered significant affection following her appearance at the festival.

Expressing her gratitude, she said, “I’ve received so much attention thanks to Waterbomb, and I’m truly appreciative of that. If you look up my name, you’ll only find references to Waterbomb.”

During the interview, Kiu inquired, “Do you try to conceal your identity while walking around?” To which Kwon Eun Bi responded, “Even if I don’t cover up, people often don’t recognize me.”

Kwon Eun Bi further elaborated, “People tend to underestimate my height. Since I usually wear heels on stage, they’re surprised to see how petite I am when they meet me in person.

Standing at a height of 158.4cm, Kwon Eun Bi expressed, “They assume I have a larger build, but in reality, I’m smaller than expected. Regardless, I’m often not easily recognizable.”

Admitting humorously, “After Waterbomb, people tend to recognize me a lot,” Kwon Eun Bi shared a comical incident, saying, “Instead of addressing me as Kwon Eun Bi, they call me Waterbomb. So, I have to remind them of my actual name. Nonetheless, I’m thankful that they remember me.”

Reflecting on her experiences during the music video shoot at the Han River, Kwon Eun Bi confessed, “We filmed on a set as well as at the Han River. I even ran on the Han River bridge.”

Recreating the scenario, she recounted, “I was running all by myself, and passersby were giving me curious looks.

People on bicycles rode by, clearly puzzled. When I’m immersed in the moment, I don’t notice these reactions. I run with enthusiasm, and as soon as the director shouts ‘cut,’ I suddenly become aware of my surroundings.”

The video featuring Kwon Eun Bi‘s interview can be viewed on the “Kiu” YouTube channel.



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