The Black Label Responds to Plagiarism Allegations Over Character in Jeon Somi’s ‘Fast Forward’ Music Video

Jeon Somi‘s management company has responded to allegations surrounding similarities in a music video character.

The agency, known as The Black Label, issued an official statement on August 9th, addressing concerns by pledging to take corrective action.

They acknowledged the resemblance between the animated character in the music video for the main track “Fast Forward” and a character from the renowned Japanese manga artist Takahashi Rumiko‘s creation “Noisy Star.”

In their statement, The Black Label stated, “Upon learning of the resemblance between the animated character in Jeon Somi’s EP Album’s music video for ‘Fast Forward’ and a character from another work, we conducted a prompt review of the situation. Subsequently, we have decided to eliminate and alter the particular scene. We intend to expeditiously substitute the scene and implement all necessary measures.”

Additionally, they expressed regret, saying, “We offer our sincere apologies for any worry caused due to insufficient scrutiny on our part as an agency. We will exercise heightened caution to prevent such incidents from arising in the future.”

Meanwhile, Jeon Somi unveiled her new mini album ‘GAME PLAN‘ on the 7th.



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