“She already sent a DM to him!” Jeon Somi names the one male celebrity she’d like to do the “Fast Forward” dance challenge with

She said a name that I knew.

Soloist Jeon Somi made her long-awaited comeback on August 7 with the EP Game Plan. Her lead track “Fast Forward” is already getting a lot of attention on social media for its catchy beats and dance moves.

On August 8 (KST), the singer was a guest on SBS PowerFM’s Cultwo Show with Kwon Eunbi. The two artists used the show to promote their own comebacks. Somi played “Fast Forward” live, and the standard electronic music sound brought back memories of the Tecktonic dance from the early 2000s.

Somi joked that she wished she could have been a part of the early Tecktonic trend, but she was only eight years old when it took over the world in 2008. But now that she has her own dance challenge with “Fast Forward,” she wants to dance with a certain person.

Somi said she wanted to do the dance challenge with Lee Do Hyun, who is a popular actor in Korean dramas.

Lee was first mentioned by the radio host, who said that Lee had done Tecktonik dance on a variety show before and asked Somi if she would like to do a dance video with Lee. Somi said that she had already asked the star for it.

When Lee was a guest on the famous JTBC variety show Knowing Bros in 2020, he surprised everyone with how good he was at dancing.

The actor said he had done some modern dance and acrobatics in the past, and he did some amazing things on the show.

But Tecktonik is his go-to dance, which he showed off on Knowing Bros and other entertainment shows. He often does a Tecktonik act to make everyone laugh.

So, many people would have loved to see Somi and Lee Do Hyun dance together on the singer’s new song.

Somi said, though, that the actor is going to join the service soon, which makes the chance of it happening pretty low. But she hasn’t given up yet. She said she will keep asking until she gets what she wants.

We need the biggest K-Pop and K-Drama fans to get to work as soon as possible.

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