“I can’t blame him at all” — INFINITE’s L is so handsome, even Show! Music Core’s cameraman can’t handle it

Netizens recently celebrated INFINITE‘s L for his timeless looks, which appear unchanged since the group’s debut thirteen years ago.

After a cameraman couldn’t resist capturing L‘s captivating visuals, a humorous incident occurred during their comeback stage for the new title track, “New Emotions.

During the performance on “Show! Music Core” on August 5, fans expected a close-up shot of Woohyun singing his lines, but to their surprise, the camera suddenly shifted to L, who confidently met the lens with his intense gaze.

While this moment was brief, it was evident that the cameraman made a mistake, as previous performances focused on Woohyun.

However, Inspirits found the situation amusing and jokingly remarked that “Kim Myungsoo is everyone’s bias” and expressed sympathy for the cameraman for becoming distracted by L‘s stunning appearance.

Even in his early thirties, L continues to mesmerize everyone with his remarkable visuals and charismatic stage presence, just as he did back in 2010.

The cameraman’s inability to look away from L‘s handsomeness added to the lightheartedness of the incident.

Netizens comments included:

“L’s visuals are truly timeless! He’s like a fine wine, only getting better with age.”

“I can’t blame the cameraman at all! I would be just as distracted by L’s good looks.”

“Inspirits are always here to support and appreciate L’s incredible talent and beauty.”

“L’s gaze could pierce through the screen! Such a charismatic performer.”

“Thirteen years, and he still looks like he’s in his twenties. Unbelievable!”

“Can we talk about how INFINITE as a whole is slaying with their comeback?”

“L’s visuals are a blessing to us all. We should thank the cameraman for this gift!”

“I’m glad to see INFINITE back on stage after five years. They are truly legends in the industry.”

“I’ll never get tired of watching L perform. He’s a true artist.”

“The cameraman probably had a hard time choosing between capturing Woohyun’s vocals and L’s visuals. I can’t blame him!”

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