“He looks happy” — Recent photos of Lee Min Ho with a healthy weight gain surfaces online

Lee Min Ho‘s recent public outing left many internet users surprised.

On August 5 KST, a netizen shared a post titled “Lee Min Ho today” on a popular online community forum.

The post featured several photos of Lee Min Ho attending a public event, where he was seen wearing a white suit and his jet-black hair swept back.

During the event, Lee Min Ho greeted his fans with a wave and a smile. While everything appeared to be normal, Lee Min Ho’s apparent weight gain surprised internet users.

Here are some of the comments from netizens:

“This is the first time I’ve seen Lee Min Ho put on some weight. He’s usually so meticulous about his appearance.”

“Why does he look so soft and squishy now?”

“Wow, he’s starting to resemble the CEO of my company.”

“There’s something about him that reminds me of Lee Jang Woo.”

“It seems like he’s found happiness.”

“Is he a bit puffy, or is it just the effect of his break? But it’s all good as long as he appears fine when he resumes work, he’s got a nice expression, haha.”

“He appears at ease, which makes me happy, haha, after all, celebrities are humans too. Even in this state, he’s still Lee Minho!”

“It looks like he had the perfect vacation.”

“He gives off the vibe of someone skilled in singing trot.”

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