Actor Kim Seon Ho’s Generosity Shines Bright on His Birthday — Donates 100 Million Won to Support Youth

On May 8 KST, actor Kim Seon Ho celebrated his birthday in a special way by once again showing his generosity towards young individuals striving for independence.

The Korean Red Cross revealed that Kim Seon Ho had donated 100 million won to support youth transitioning into self-reliance, continuing his philanthropic tradition from the previous year.

Building upon his charitable efforts from last year, Kim Seon Ho decided to allocate the proceeds from his 2023 Asia Tour fan meeting through a fan club vote to aid young people preparing for independence.

The Korean Red Cross utilized the 100 million won donated last year to assist 146 individuals with various needs, including daily necessities, educational resources, medical expenses, and improvements to their living environments.

Additionally, a mental well-being initiative called Healing Camp was implemented to ensure their emotional stability.

Expressing gratitude to his fan club for enabling the donation, Kim Seon Ho stressed the importance of community support in making meaningful contributions.

He encouraged young individuals embarking on their journey towards independence, expressing hope that his contribution would serve as practical assistance during their transition.

President Kim Cheol Soo of the Korean Red Cross echoed Kim Seon Ho‘s sentiments, affirming their dedication to empowering young individuals to confidently navigate society independently.

Kim Seon Ho‘s continued philanthropy on his birthday reflects his ongoing commitment to supporting charitable causes.

In previous years, he has also provided assistance to cover treatment costs for children battling leukemia.

The term ‘youth preparing for self-reliance’ refers to young individuals transitioning into independence as they age out of foster care or protective environments.

Coinciding with Kim Seon Ho’s birthday, May 8 is also recognized as World Red Cross Day, commemorating the birthday of Jean-Henri Dunant, the founder of the International Red Cross Movement.

The Korean Red Cross emphasized the global humanitarian spirit upheld by Red Cross societies worldwide.



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