Netizens find ITZY Yuna’s latest photos unsettling: “It gives me give creepy vibes”

Amidst the incredible lineup of beautiful girls in the fourth generation of K-Pop, ITZY‘s Yuna manages to stand out with her stunning looks.

Whether she goes bare-faced, wears minimal makeup, or goes all out with glamour, Yuna effortlessly pulls off every look, thanks to her natural beauty.

However, Yuna‘s recent series of selfies posted on the group’s social media has left fans feeling a bit puzzled. Some fans are questioning whether the unflattering makeup or peculiar filters used in the photos are to blame.

In these pictures, Yuna‘s eyes appear unnaturally large, likely due to the use of circle lenses, aegyo-sal under her eyes, and some sort of filter. This has created an uncanny valley effect for some fans, making her look less realistic and somewhat strange.

Fans are finding it hard to understand why such a pretty girl would use such exaggerated filters that alter her appearance so drastically.

The comments on the post reflect the confusion and bewilderment, with many expressing their concerns about Yuna‘s appearance in the photos.

The topic has even made its way to an online forum, where users shared similar sentiments to those on the Instagram post.

Some netizens speculate whether beauty standards are becoming too unrealistic or if Yuna was simply having fun experimenting with filters in these images.

Netizens comments included:

“I’m getting a weird vibe from the photos. Is it just me?”

“What happened to her eyes? They look strange.”

“I can’t quite put my finger on it, but she looks different.”

“Yuna, you look a bit scary in these pictures…”

“Did she enhance her eyes somehow? They look bigger.”

“I’m so confused; something’s very off in this pic.”

“Seriously, who is that? It doesn’t even look like Yuna.”

“There’s definitely something weird going on here.”

“I think they changed her eye makeup style and made her aegyosal more prominent.”

“It’s sad to see how filters can alter someone’s appearance so drastically.”

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