Netizens Say BLACKPINK’s Jennie Transforms Into Mature Goddess After Shedding Her Trademark Chubby Cheeks

According to discussions on various online forums, there are indications that BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has been losing weight.

Netizens have noticed a decrease in her overall weight, particularly in footage where she is wearing a beautiful white dress with her bangs pushed to the sides.

The original poster praised Jennie’s current appearance, commenting on her smaller face and beauty.

Other users in the comments agreed and mentioned that her recent airport and concert appearances showcased her enhanced beauty, making her look like a doll in real life.

Despite the admiration for her slim figure and stage presence, some netizens acknowledged that Jennie didn’t have much weight to lose in the first place.

Her ever-changing transformations have caught people’s attention, with a focus on her latest beauty, particularly when dressed in white.

Fans also expressed affection for her baby fat on her cheeks and hoped it would remain.

Netizens commented:

“Jennie looks absolutely stunning!”

“She’s got so many charms these days, it’s unreal!”

“I miss her baby cheeks!”

“It seems like she lost a considerable amount of weight…”

“Those baby cheeks were a signature look for Jennie!”

“I personally like her with some fat on her face, it made her unique.”

“Her current look makes her appear like an elegant goddess.”

“She exudes such expensive vibes, like a true goddess!”

“No matter how she looks, Jennie is gorgeous!”

“Jennie has undergone some remarkable changes recently!”

“Where did ‘Mandoo Jennie’ go?”

“She looks like a doll during her concerts lately!”

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