NMIXX’s Sullyoon becomes a hot topic for her impressive sitting tallness!

Sullyoon from the K-pop group NMIXX caught the public’s eye due to her remarkable height even while seated.

On July 30 KST, a netizen posted a topic on an online community forum titled, “What’s the deal with Sullyoon’s sitting height?

The netizen shared several pictures of NMIXX‘s Sullyoon sitting down, and in those images, her tall stature was evident.

Despite being seated on a chair, Sullyoon‘s impressive height made her stand out, as she appeared much taller than another person sitting close to her.

Netizens comments included:

“Wow, Sullyoon’s height is truly extraordinary! She must have legs for days!”

“I wonder how tall she actually is. Anybody know her exact height?”

“Her sitting height is as impressive as her standing height! Sullyoon is a real giant among idols.”

“It’s fascinating how some people maintain their height advantage even when sitting down!”

“I envy her height so much! Sullyoon looks elegant and statuesque.”

“This just shows that even when idols are offstage, their unique features still draw attention.”

“I bet Sullyoon could easily be a model with that height!”

“She’s like a living proof that good things come in tall packages!”

“I’d love to see her standing next to other tall idols to see who’s the tallest!”

“Sullyoon’s sitting height is taller than most people’s standing height, and I’m here for it!”

“I’m tall too, where is my article? 😢🙄”

What are your thoughts?