Actor Jo In Sung wins hearts for reserving a whole theater and treating fans to “Smugglers” movie screening!

Actor Jo In Sung has won admiration for his heartfelt gestures of love towards his fans. It has become a well-known fact that whenever he releases a new movie, Jo In Sung personally rents an entire theater with his own money to invite his fans.

Recently, he once again showcased his love for his official fanclub members by renting out a theater for the release of his latest film, “Smugglers.” To the delight of his fans, Jo In Sung surprised them by attending the theater along with other actors, and together, they greeted the audience on stage.

During the event, Jo In Sung expressed his gratitude and joy at meeting his fans after a long time. He mentioned that “Smugglers” was filmed two years ago, and he had been eager to share it with his supporters.

He also revealed his plans to be more active in the second half of the year, with upcoming projects like “Smugglers,” “Moving,” and “Unexpected Business.” This increased activity marks a first in his 25-year career.

He had originally intended to meet his fans alone, but other senior and junior actors also wanted to express their gratitude to the audience.

Jo In Sung continued by expressing his heartfelt appreciation for the unwavering love, support, and care he has received from his fans since his debut. He acknowledged that it isn’t easy for someone to receive such constant affection.

An official associated with the event commented on Jo In Sung‘s unique gesture, noting that it’s rare for an actor to personally rent an entire theater for fans.

What makes it even more remarkable is that Jo In Sung does this consistently for each of his movie releases, not just once or twice.

The official believes that Jo In Sung‘s love for his fans is driven by his desire to share his work with them first and to repay their unwavering support.

Smugglers” had its premiere on July 26th, and fans can look forward to Jo In Sung‘s upcoming series, “Moving,” which is scheduled for release on Disney+ on August 9th.



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