“Was it necessary?” — NewJeans controversial use of iPhones in ‘Inkigayo’ stage sparks netizens’ discussions

Opinions among internet users are split over NewJeans‘ decision to use iPhones for the ending shots during their performance on stage.

A post on an online forum praised the group for their “innovative techniques” in concluding their song “ETA” on the recent episode of ‘Inkigayo.’ Each member took turns holding an Apple iPhone 14 Pro to record themselves.

Fans quickly recognized that the phone used in the performance was the same one featured in the official “ETA” music video as part of a corporate commission.

While some netizens found the gesture fresh and innovative, others criticized it, arguing that using product placement on stage was excessive.

Additionally, one user raised the question of whether the broadcasting station, SBS, received compensation for the promotional display.

Despite the mixed reactions, netizens collectively acknowledged that this might be the first-ever case of product placement in a music program.

While sponsorships from luxury clothing brands are common, this instance introduced a unique commissioned product on stage in the form of a camera.

Netizens comments:

“I’m not sure if this was the right move for a music program, though.”

“Seems like they suddenly decided to go for product placement… it’s a bit odd.”

“I personally didn’t find it uncomfortable at all. In fact, I thought it was pretty innovative.”

“I love the creativity of using a phone for the ending shots!”

“The image quality difference between the phone and a studio camera is noticeable.”

“Wow, I never even considered the possibility of product placement in a music show.”

“I think it was a bad move. The phone’s camera isn’t on par with a studio camera’s techniques.”

“It feels like this is taking capitalism to the extreme.”

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