Former IZ*ONE member Kwon Eun Bi Drives Fans Wild with her Sexier-Than-Expected Outfit for Tokyo Waterbomb Event

Former IZ*ONE member Kwon Eun Bi‘s recent appearance at the 2023 Tokyo Waterbomb has once again confirmed her status as the reigning summer queen.

Fans eagerly searched online forums for photos and videos of her performance. On stage, Kwon Eun Bi wowed everyone with her stunning light blue bikini top and a white see-through lace set piece.

Her fashion choices received widespread praise from netizens on various platforms, who consider this her “best look yet.

Admiring the blue-and-white lace coordination, fans affectionately call her the ‘human mermaid,’ as it perfectly embodies her ‘idol vibes.’

In addition to her impeccable styling, Kwon Eun Bi has won hearts for her excellent fan service. A clip captured her interacting with an audience member, playfully completing a hand-heart gesture and maintaining prolonged eye contact, leaving netizens swooning.

Comments on Kwon Eun Bi‘s appearance at the event:

“She’s not just a temporary Waterbomb icon; every summer will now be all about Kwon Eun Bi. She outshines everyone and will likely become the most frequently invited idol for events.”

“No one can rival her at summer festivals.”

“This outfit is her best so far.”

“She looks so angelic and elegant in the top with the white frills, without being overtly sexy.”

“I think she will rise up in the industry with her impressive comeback song.”
“She truly resembles a mermaid.”

“If I were the fan receiving that heart gesture from her, I wouldn’t be able to sleep either.”

“She’s like a princess.”

“The bikini top suits her even better than the Burberry one.”

“To me, the hand-heart feels like a marriage proposal. OMG!”

“How can she maintain such prolonged eye contact with the fan? It’s amazing!”

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