Oh My Girl Mimi’s questionable hair, makeup, and outfit choices for “Summer Comes” comeback spark discussion among netizens

Netizens shared their opinions about Oh My Girl’s Mimi, who showcased a distinct style in their latest music video, setting her apart from the other group members.

After the release of Oh My Girl‘s teaser video for “Summer Comes” a few days ago, Netizens couldn’t help but notice Mimi‘s unique fashion choices that seemed to stand out compared to the rest of the group.

One netizen took to an online community forum to create a post titled, “So this is what they meant when they said Mimi is the only one with a different vibe…

The netizen included several screenshots from the music video, stating, “Her hair and clothing style…They just feel so different in the group shot. All of them had their hair down, but she was the only one with knotted pigtails. Even her shirt looks more boring than the other members’.

Here are some comments from other Netizens:

“I’ve noticed she often goes for the braided pigtail hairstyle.”

“She gives off a vibe like she’s filming ‘Earth Arcade’ all by herself.”

“It seems a bit too unconventional. Can she still be considered an idol?”

“That necklace she’s wearing looks quite amusing.”

“I remember when Mimi had bangs and red hair; she looked incredibly pretty back then.”

“She can keep her own style and also make sure she fits the theme for their new comeback. She’s now different in a bad way.”

“I don’t think her skin color is a problem, but her makeup is very different from the rest of the group.”

“It’s not that important, and I like it when a person has a different style because it keeps things interesting.”

“The style is ugly and doesn’t fit with the concept lol”

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