“OMG, I need oxygen!!!” ATEEZ Seonghwa has just released photos of himself that showcase his ripped abs

“Is this guy for real?”

When it comes to sharing on social media, members of ATEEZ are kind and helpful. Almost every day, different members post things like selfies, dance videos, and behind-the-scenes footage, which keeps ATINYs well-fed!

Today, on the other hand, was a very special day. It’s always a treat when the handsome Seonghwa posts new photos online, which he did today. This time, though, the photos are especially beautiful.

In the set of ten black-and-white pictures, Seonghwa poses in different ways while wearing a cropped, oversized sweater.

No matter what, the visual member always looks beautiful, but this set of photos is especially flattering and shows Seonghwa from several different views.

We also get to see the member of ATEEZ‘s slim waist and amazing abs…

Fans are going crazy over Seonghwa‘s beauty and bared waist, which is no surprise, and they are reacting in very real ways in the comments part of Instagram.

Thank you, Seonghwa, for giving us such a treat for our eyes today!



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