Stray Kids’ Hyunjin gets the royal treatment from Versace with a stunning custom outfit at “Lollapalooza Paris”

During the Lollapalooza event in Paris on July 21, Stray Kids took the stage as headliners, making history as the first Kpop group to do so.

Among the members, Hyunjin stood out in a stunning custom Versace outfit, complemented by matching Versace accessories.

This marked his first official appearance after being announced as a Global Brand Ambassador for Versace.

Following the event, Hyunjin quickly became a viral sensation worldwide, and even Korean netizens couldn’t contain their excitement.

Here are some of the fantastic reactions they had to his appearance:

“Having him as an ambassador really works! His outfits and accessories look amazing on him.”

“He was absolutely mind-blowing, covered head to toe in Versace! The Paris Lollapalooza stage was an absolute dopamine rush!”

“He truly embodies Versace’s essence, just like the brand claims. He’s like the human version of Versace.”

“Not only did the Versace boy deliver a flawless live performance, but he also showed great fan service. It’s evident how much he loves his role as an idol.”

“Nylon France has officially crowned him as Versace Prince Hyunjin.”

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