Netizens react to former ‘Sixteen’ contestant Natty’s upgraded style after promoting as ‘KISS OF LIFE’ member

Former ‘Sixteen‘ contestant and ‘KISS OF LIFE‘ member, Natty, stunned fans with her remarkable style transformation after making her debut.

Recently, fresh photos of ‘KISS OF LIFE‘ member Natty were revealed, grabbing a lot of attention. Natty gained recognition as a former trainee under JYP Entertainment and participated as a contestant in ‘Sixteen,’ a K-pop idol survival show that led to the formation of TWICE.

During her time on ‘Sixteen’, she displayed a youthful and girlish image, possibly being considered too young to debut at that time. Hence, many internet users were amazed to see a complete makeover in her more recent photos after her debut.

It was previously announced that Natty would be making her debut under S2 Entertainment as part of their new girl group. Natty finally debuted with ‘KISS OF LIFE‘ earlier this month, releasing their album ‘KISS OF LIFE‘ in July 2023.

As more photos of Natty surfaced, many netizens were taken aback by the significant change in her style since her previous public appearances. Embracing trendy and hip outfits, a chic new hairstyle, and a previously unseen mature charm, Natty captivated everyone with her beauty and charisma.

Natty’s predebut photos:

Natty post-debut photos:


“Her hip styling suits her perfectly.”

“The new style is definitely an improvement for her.”

“Not only does she look pretty, but her song is seriously good too!”

“The top style was common among idols in the past, while the bottom one is what’s trending now.”

“Natty has grown up beautifully.”

“She rocks the full bangs look.”

“Her legs are incredibly long!”

“She stands out a lot in her group, for real.”

“She used to be a baby, but now she looks like an unnie (older sister). When did she grow so much?”

“The new style really suits her. Does she look like a gyopo (overseas Korean)?”

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