Red Velvet’s Yeri doesn’t smile in front of reporters on purpose so that she won’t have double chins in photos

“I thought the answer was to not smile.”

Yeri of Red Velvet recently said that she doesn’t smile big in front of reporters so that she won’t be caught at an awkward angle.

During a chat with Urban Zakapa member Jo Hyun Ah on her YouTube show Jo Hyun Ah’s Thursday Night, the two talked about how their demanding jobs as celebrities make them feel like they have to take care of their looks.

Yeri said that when she finds an old picture of herself, she sometimes sees that she has put on weight.

“I gasp a lot when I see myself on the Internet after I haven’t taken care of myself. ‘Ah! I’ve put on a lot of weight,'”Yeri

Jo Hyun Ah said that she had similar feelings when she saw shots that reporters had taken of her.

She said that she often feels good about how she looks, but is shocked when reporters take photos of her that don’t make her look good.

“Sometimes I feel like I look fine when I go out, but when reporters take my picture, I look like [makes a face].”Jo Hyun Ah

Yeri agreed wholeheartedly and said that she doesn’t smile in front of the cameras on purpose to avoid taking photos that don’t look good.

“At one time, I thought the answer was to not smile. That’s why I always looked mad. [laughs]”Yeri

Photos of Yeri from the past that were in the news show that she was telling the truth. In many pictures, she had few or no emotions on her face and only a slight smile.

Jo Hyun Ah gave more information by saying that the person must slightly open their mouth because if they cheese, the pictures won’t look good.

Yeri agreed that big smiles can causeJo Hyun Ah and Yeri both agreed that they didn’t smile big in front of the cameras because they didn’t want to get double chins or look bad.

But pictures of Yeri from the past show that, contrary to what she thinks, her big smiles look great on camera!

se double chins in pictures. Because of this, Yeri has a different smile for the cameras—one that is very soft.

“When I smiled, I had a different look on my face.” Yeri



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