Netizens are surprised by what 2PM’s Lee Jun Ho does when he kisses Girls’ Generation’s Yoona in “King the Land” scenes

The little things Junho does are what make fans fall in love with him.

Netizens have noticed that Junho, from 2PM, has a cute habit when he is shooting kiss scenes with Yoona, from Girls’ Generation.

Junho and Yoona have been in the famous K-drama King The Land, which has gotten a lot of attention all over the world.

Netizens were amused by how well Yoona and Junho got along in the first part of the series.

As expected, it was a classic K-drama trope in which the male lead fell first and fast in a relationship that didn’t start out well.

As the friendship between Go Won and Sa Rang has grown stronger over the last few episodes, netizens have been getting more and more excited.

Fans have seen the two stars share some steamy and passionate kisses, which has been a real treat.

Since there are so many kiss scenes, it’s no surprise that fans look at them all in detail and notice the stars’ small but cute habits.

One fan in particular noticed that Junho gives his co-star an encouraging nod during kiss scenes.

Even though it’s not very obvious, the netizen saw it happen more than once while the two were kissing.

Even though it wasn’t a big move, it was a sweet one that seemed to be made to make Yoona feel more comfortable with the scene.

It was also probably the cutest way to make them both feel comfortable, since it wouldn’t be strange if the kiss scenes were a little awkward to film, given that they’re both idols.

But it looks like this netizen wasn’t the only one to notice Junho‘s small habit during the kiss scenes. Another fan also brought it up.

As always, the little things Junho and Yoona do make netizens’ hearts melt and have even led to reports that they are dating.

Even though the reports were not true, fans still love to see the two of them together because they are so comfortable with each other.



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