Baseball athlete Koo Ja Wook garners attention for his undeniable resemblance to NewJeans’ Minji

Minji from NewJeans has recently caught the attention of netizens due to her striking resemblance to a handsome Korean athlete.

The oldest member of the group, Minji has always been praised for her clean and pure visuals, often becoming a viral sensation for her beauty at various K-Pop events.

Her powerful and charismatic performances on stage further add to her appeal, captivating netizens with her incredible talent.

A post on a Korean forum gained traction as netizens noticed the familial similarities between Minji and Koo Ja Wook, a 30-year-old South Korean professional baseball outfielder currently playing for the Samsung Lions of the KBO League.

The post shared photos of the two celebrities, aiming to highlight the resemblance between them.

Despite their different career paths, both Minji and Koo Ja Wook exude flawless visuals, whether in planned photos or candid shots. While the resemblance might not be immediately apparent when looking at the photos separately, it becomes undeniable when the images are placed side by side.

Initially, some netizens were skeptical about the resemblance, particularly when they saw the names of the two individuals together. However, their perception changed after seeing the photos.

In the comments section, netizens pointed out the similarities in their features, suggesting that they could be siblings. Observations were made about their straight noses, brightness in their eyes, similar eyebrow shape, small faces, and jawlines, leading to comments affirming their resemblance.

Comments from netizens included:

“Both of their noses are straight and have a brightness in their eyes.”

“They look alike.”

“Their eyebrow shape, small face, and jawline are similar… they could be brother and sister.”

“They look similar.”

“Oh, they do look similar. I see what you’re saying.”

“They do look alike.”

“It’s only a slight difference between a good-looking girl and a boy.”

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